About Spring Mountain Technologies

Highly Experienced Development and Management team

As a branch of a manufacturing entity that has existed for more than 20 years , developing military electronics, professional audio/video elecronics and professional motorsports electronics, Spring Mountain Technologies is not new to R&D and product development. Our investment, operations and engineering teams have more than 60 years combined experience with race track development, management, military electronic development and embedded microprocessor and DSP/optical design experience on a global level.

R&D and Manufacturing in a live enviornment

We are the only motorsports electronics R&D and manufacturing company located within a large, fully operating race track circuit. All of our development and testing is done live at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, located just 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. This unique testing and development enviornment affords Spring Mountain Technologies with an opportunity not available to any other competitor. We can test and verify all products immediately, as well as collect real-world feedback from race clubs and drivers.

Contact Us Today for a Live Demo

Our innovative system installed at Spring Mountain allows for full course demonstration of our entire system. Call Spring Mountain Technologies today to arrange a live demo: 818.482.0193.