SMT Electronic Marshall System

The most sophisticated Electronic Marshal System available

Spring Mountain Technologies introduces the most sophisticated and innovative electronic marshal system available today. Our marshal system is cost effective and easy to operate, and can accommodate any track circuit.

SMT Electronic Marshaling system is completely customizable to fit any need. Whether you have a small kart track or 7 miles of road course, our system can improve safety while reducing operating costs.

LCM-1 Module

The high power LEDs in our light modules are visible at great distance, regardless of the lighting conditions, thus giving drivers more time to evaluate and react to the situation. Our large module, the LCM-1, can not only display all FIA flags but it can also display car numbers, which can eliminate confusion in the heat of battle. This module is designed so that even color blind drivers can easily identify flags. The LCM-1 can even be ganged together to create larger displays. This module will be the cornerstone of most systems.

SLM-2 Module

Our SLM-2 module is ideal for operations that don't need full FIA display, for example, short tracks, ovals and kart tracks. The SLM-2 can display Red, Green, Yellow and Blue flags. The SLM-2 is also an ideal supplement to the LCM-1. It can be used to show track conditions or be used to enhance safety in locations where the full FIA flags are not necessary. It can also be used as a pit-out warning light. The small size makes it easy to locate.

Designed by Drivers

This system is designed by drivers, for drivers. As drivers, we know the importance of immediate and accurate information, especially as you enter that 130 MPH blind sweeper. Our system has been fully tested on an operational road course with drivers of all experience levels and had come through with flying colors! If you are ready to see the future of marshaling, call to set up an appointment to see for yourself.


LCM-1 Module

LCM-1 Image

SLM-2 Module

SLM-2 Image


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