SMT Electronic Marshall Technology

High power LED based optical systems

High power LED's provide high visibility in any ambient lighting condition. Our technology allows for the display of multiple flag colors in a single, highly integrated module:

  • Our LED and optical systems are field proven, using highly sophisticated technology to insure long life.
  • Each Light Module contains a unique, remotely assignable ID number. Every Light Module component in the system can be controlled as a group or individually.
  • Any light can be field configured (via the Race Control software) to be either a Pit Light or Circuit Light).
  • Two Light Modules available: providing functionality including full graphic representation of all FIA flags.

Secure long range wireless communications

The systems rely on a highly sophisticated MESH radio system to provide a deeply secure and redundant wireless interface built into all products:

  • Our proprietary, self-healing MESH network provides the ultimate in a highly secure, encrypted, long range wireless system to control and monitor all system parameters. Optional wired control will be available via a long range RS-485 network.
  • Hacker proof technology.

Fully software based electronic control systems

  • Embedded microprocessor and DSP design for easy future upgrades and flexibility.
  • Software based wireless technology.
  • RGB LED optical technology provides a variety of colors and brightness levels.

Fiberglas, UL and CE approved rugged enclosures

Rugged, field proven, weatherproof enclosures house and protect all electronics and optics:

  • No external antennas to be damaged or exposed to weather.
  • Removable power and interface cables via rugged outdoor connectors.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Easy to mount to any structure using the included steel mounting hardware.
  • Will withstand any weather condition.

Track light modules

High intensity, wireless Light Modules, providing multiple color LED technology and graphic capability in a self contained, weatherproof, rugged module:

  • All Light Modules are intelligent, and can be configured (via the Race Control software) to function as either pit lights or track lights.
  • Two module types available, one allowing for full graphic representation of all FIA flags.

Control software

Windows based control software allowing Race Control to control all aspects of the warning system, as well as monitor, via an interactive track map, complete system status.